South Coast Business Consultant and Bookkeeping

Life Back 2U offers a professional and affordable Business Consultancy and Bookkeeping service, mentoring, training and advice.

We give you your time back so you can go and “colour your life” the way you should.

If you work hard, then shouldn’t you get to enjoy your efforts and reap the rewards of that hard work?

Often business owners find they are stuck in the muck of the every day, and the vision they originally had for their business and themselves has run off the tracks. At Life Back 2U we help you realign your vision. We help you implement systems to achieve the actions you need to get your Life Back 2U.

If bookkeeping is the heart of your business, then financial reporting should be the brain. With accurate and timely financial reporting you can make confident business decisions for the direction of your business. Life Back 2U believes that financial reporting is often underutilised by the majority of small to medium sized businesses. We can help design and maintain financial reports that are easily understood, easily accessible and relevant to your business and its requirements.

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